Volume 54 (2010)


01. Magnetic spectroscopy as a tool in characterizing magnetic fluids
Pages 1-8
P. C. Fannin
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02. Quantum observables on the de Sitter spacetime
Pages 9-23
I. I. Cotăescu
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03. Simulating the Abelian Chern - Simons theory on the Moyal plane
Pages 24-28
A. Momen, N. H. Protik
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04. DC power generator with magnetorheological suspension
Pages 29-35
I. Bica, B. Vatzulik, G. Catana, O. E. Andrei, D. M. Baltateanu, L. Chirigiu
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05. Symmetries and invariants of generalized Yang – Mills mechanical model
Pages 36-42
A. L. Boldea, C. R. Boldea
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06. Monitoring nanoparticles aggregation by coherent light scattering measurements
Pages 43-50
D. Chicea
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07. Properties of the solutions of a system of coupled Schrödinger equations
Pages 51-55
C. Hatiegan
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08. Fatty acids profile in fish plasma
Pages 56-62
A. Iordache, E. Horj, A. R. Ani, C. Mesaros, S. Morar, M. Culea
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09. Interpolation with Mathcad: a method to find physical laws from experimental data
Pages 63-68
C. D. Buioca
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10. Radon and radium concentrations in water from Transylvania and the assessment of the resulting dose
Pages 69-76
M. Moldovan, C. Cosma, Z. Horvath, T. Sferle
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11. Considerations regarding the Sorensen model for platelet deposition and activation
Pages 77-86
A. Ivan Fernolendt, A. Neculae
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12. Synthesis and characterization of some carbon based nanostructures
Pages 84-94
V. Ciupina, I. Morjan, R. Alexandrescu, F. Dumitrache, G. Prodan, C. P. Lungu, R. Vladoiu, I. Mustata, V. Zarovschi, J. Sullivan, S. Saied, E. Vasile, I. M. Oancea-Stanescu, M. Prodan
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13. Numerical study on nanoparticles manipulation in fluid media using dielectrophoresis
Pages 95-100
M. Lungu, A. Neculae, O. M. Bunoiu
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14. Using physics models for optimization the waste collection
Pages 101-105
G. Murariu, V. Gogoncea, L. Georgescu, M. Dobrea
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15. The energy – momentum tensor software assessment in curved space - time
Pages 106-111
G. Murariu, M. Voiculescu
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16. Estimation of measurement uncertainty in physical analysis laboratory
Pages 112-117
I. Piciorea
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17. Energy levels scheme for K2SiF6:Mn4+ nanophosphor
Pages 118-123
R. Nistora, S. Ivascu, C. N. Avram
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18. Optimization the geometry structure of SrIn2O4 spinel doped with Eu3+
Pages 124-128
M. L. Stanciu, M. G. Ciresan, N. M. Avram
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19. Energy levels fine structure of Ni2+ doped in MgO crystal
Pages 129-133
L. Andreici, N. M. Avram
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