Volume 55 (2011)


01. Lagrangian BRST cohomology of massless mixed symmetry tensor fields. The case (4,1)
Pages 1-5
C. Bizdadea, S. O. Saliu, L. Stanciu-Oprean
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02. Bosons generation in strong electric fields via WKB formalism
Pages 6-12
Marina-Aura Dariescu, Ciprian Dariescu, Ovidiu Buhucianu
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03. Absorption of Sound Waves
Pages 13-19
Vjekoslav Sajfert, Sonja Krstić, Dušan Popov, Nicolina Pop
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04. A second – order approach to first – order systems: quadratic actions
Pages 20-24
C. Bizdadea, M. M. Bârcan, I. Negru, S. O. Saliu
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05. About the diffusion in magnetic stochastic turbulence
Pages 25-29
M. Negrea, V. N. Cancea, I. Tanase
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06. Aharonov – Bohm oscillations in concentric quantum ring systems
Pages 30-36
Zs. Szakacs, D. Racolta
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07. Conductive and superconductive properties of nanorods
Pages 37-44
Vjekoslav Sajfert, Dušan Popov, Miroljub Đurić, Nicolina Pop, Viorel Chiriţoiu
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08. Numerical modeling of granular media with deformable composite particles
Pages 45-52
Bogdan Barvinschi, Paul Barvinschi
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09. 1D and 2D time series Fourier correlations of Drăgan dam horizontal displacements
Pages 53-59
Alin C. Teusdea, Traian Modog
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10. The EPR spectra for cooper ions in mixed alkali cadmium phosphate glasses
Pages 60-62
M. G. Ciresan, C. N. Avram
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11. Simulation of platelet deposition and activation using an extended Sorensen model
Pages 63-69
Alice Ivan Fernolendt, Adrian Neculae
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12. Pattern recognition of amphetamines FT-IR spectra with modified phase – input Fourier correlation
Pages 70-76
Alin C. Teusdea, Mirela Praisler
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13. Spectroscopic studies of copper (II) complexes with some amino acid as ligand
Pages 77-85
Maria Hübner, I. Hauer, Csilla Muller, D. Rusu, Klara Botond, L. David
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14. Energy levels scheme for CrF2
Pages 86-91
Simona Ivascu, C. N. Avram
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15. Characterization of annular array transducer
Pages 92-98
Luminita Moraru, Laura Onose, Ana-Maria Chiselev
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16. The use of cie L*a*b* colour space for automatic pork meat content analysis
Pages 99-104
Alin C. Teuşdea, Adrian Timar, Olimpia S. Mintaş, Lucian Bara
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17. Analytical approach for planary dynamics in orthogonal magneto – electrostatic fields
Pages 105-110
Gabriel Murariu, Lucian Georgescu, Mirela Voiculescu, Gheorghe Puscasu
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18. Numerical simulation of mass diffusion in brain tissues
Pages 111-117
Adrian Neculae, Dan Curticapean
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19. Comparative study between crystal field parameters for Mn4+:K2SiF6 and Mn4+:Na2SiF6
Pages 118-122
Ramona Nistora, N. M. Avram
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20. Analysis of a nonlinear anelastic model and its experimental identification
Pages 123-129
Dan Viorel Stănescu, Gheorghe Drăgănescu, Liviu Bereteu
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21. The use of cie L*a*b* colour space for smoked fish meat content assessment
Pages 130-136
Adrian Timar, Alin C. Teusdea, Camelia Bara, Cornelia Purcarea
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22. Stable isotopes distribution in the Olt Valley Rivers
Pages 137-143
Popescu Raluca, Costinel Diana, Ionete Roxana Elena, Axente Damian
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23. Dusty plasmas: elementary processes, examples and possible applications
Pages 144-152
Mihai Lungu, Antoanetta - Corina Lungu
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24. Parametric analysis of the radial segregation in directional solidification of alloys
Pages 153-158
M. Robescu, R. Nistora, C. Stelian
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