Research centers

  • Research center for Theoretical Physics (certified by CNCSIS)

    Developing traditional research directions in the Department of Physics to promote a modern and effective training framework in Theoretical Physics
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  • Physics of Crystalline Materials (certified by CNCSIS)

    The research directions in the field of Physics of Crystal Materials are: obtaining optical crystals especially as laser active media; characterization of optical, dielectric and electrical properties of crystals; simulating crystallization processes to optimize growth facilities and crystal properties; spectroscopy of laser materials
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  • Research center for Intelligent Materials (certified by CNCSIS)

    The focus of the Intelligent Materials research center is to develop intelligent materials and structures and the multidisciplinary training of a new generation of physicists
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  • Laboratory for solid-state crystallographic determinations

    The BRUKER-AXS D8 ADVANCE diffractometer found in the Laboratory for solid-state crystallographic determinations is designed for non-destructive analysis by X-ray diffraction on massive polycrystalline materials, powders or thin layers. The following can be performed: phase analysis, lattice parameters determination, internal stress and texture determination, diffraction analysis at the incidence, refinement of crystalline structure
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  • Quantum electronics group

    The Quantum Electronics Group is part of the Faculty of Physics form the West University of Timisoara. The research activity focuses on theoretical studies and computer simulation of nano-devices. The goal is the theoretical description of the functioning of devices on a scale at which quantum effects become dominant
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  • The solar platform

    The solar platform includes the first station in Romania tuned for systematic monitoring of solar radiation on inclined surfaces. The database built so far is, in many ways, unique in Eastern Europe.
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  • Numerical Relativity group

    Numerical relativity and its related domains, such as symbolic computation applied in general relativity is one of the challenges of modern physics. Our team focuses on several research projects in this field, such as numerical cosmology, Cactus code and its applications, and the development of symbolic calculus for cosmology.
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The group research focuses on modeling the spectral, optical, electronic and magnetic properties of the 3d ions transition metals in crystals. It is also investigated the vibronic interactions and Jahn-Teller effect in such materials as well as the analysis of the electron charge density in molecular crystals.
Fields of interest
• Semi- empirical , ab initio multireference calculations and DFT modeling of electronic, magnetic, optical, spectral and elastic properties of pure and doped crystals, glasses, nanomaterials;
• Ligand field theory (modeling the crystal field parameters and simulation the energy level schemes);
• Vibronic interactions and Jahn-Teller effect in molecules and crystals;
• Modeling of the EPR parameters and their relation with local deformations around paramagnetic ion;
• Electron density analysis for molecular crystals;

Coordinator: Emeritus Professor Nicolae M. Avram,
Members: Associate Professor Dr.Calin Avram, Dr.Adrian Sorin Gruia, Dr. Emiliana- Laura Eftimie, Dr. Marinela Ana Barb, PhD student Scarlatescu Ioana, PhD student Roxana Roman;
Collaborators : -Prof.Dr. M.G.Brik, Institute of Physics,Universty of Tartu, Estonia; Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing, P.R. China;
-Dr.A.M.Srivastava, GE Global Research, Niskayana, NY, USA;
-Prof. Dr.V. A. Chernyshev, - Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation;
- Dr.V. P. Volodin- Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation;
-Associate Professor Dr.Petya Petkova, Shumen University ”Konstantin Preslavsky”,Shumen, Bulgaria;

Research subject for 2016-2018:
• “Theoretical investigations of spectral, electronic, magnetic and optical properties of 3d ions in solids for potential applications in optics and quantum electronics”.
• “Investigation of electron density analysis for some hybrid organic-inorganic materials”.

Publications (selection):
Published papers in ISI quoted journals
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