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12 15

Physics Informatics<<Details>>

20 15

Medical Physics<<Details>>

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Information about these study programs cand be found here.

Field Specialization Registration period Posting results and confirmation of places Posting final results
Physics 06.07.2020-27.07.2020 27.07.2020-28.07.2020 31.07.2020
Physics Physics Informatics 06.07.2020-27.07.2020 27.07.2020-28.07.2020 31.07.2020
Medical Physics 06.07.2020-27.07.2020 27.07.2020-28.07.2020 31.07.2020

Information regarding the admission process can be found on the Department of International Relations website
The admission process at the Faculty of Physics from the West University of Timisoara consists of two parts:

- Part one: Admission interview, based on a letter of intent (by previously filling in a form made available to the candidates or by filling in the form at the time of registration).
This interview will be conducted throughout the registration period. The interview will be conducted by a member of the admissions committee (dean, vice-dean or another member appointed by the committee chairman).
The outcome of the interview will be a accepted/rejected score. A model of the letter of intent can be found in Annex 1 of the admission methodology.
The interview can also be carried out using electronic means that ensure a direct audio and video communication with the candidate, only in exceptional cases, based on an application approved by the admissions committee. Online authentication will be monitored by the Department of IT and Communications.

- Part two: Competion between the candidates based on the submitted files and on the chosen specializations. The study field comprises of three specializations.

Enrollment of Olympic candidates: the candicates that achieved outstanding results in international, national and regional school contests can be enrolled without an admission exam on the budget places allocated by the Ministry of National Education. They will be enrolled with the average mark10 (ten).
The following distinctions will be taken into consideration:
  • the distinctions awarded at international physics Olympics;
  • first, second and third prize at national and regional school contests recognized by the Ministry of National Education in, at least, one of the last two years of studies;
  • first, second and third prized at the national and regional school Olympics for the subjects studied in the XI-th and XII-th grades.
The candidates that obtained outstanding results in the "Constantin Salceanu" physics contest and holders of Merit Diplomas awarded by the Faculty of Physics which state that the holders can receive benefits in the admission process, can be enrolled with the average mark 10 (ten).

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