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Erwin Schrödinger Lecture Series

      TIM 17 Physics Conference, 25-27 May 2017, Timisoara Romania

      For more detailes please visit the conference web page here.

      Our Research Center in colaboration with the Faculty of Physics-UVT, SEENET-MTP and CERN is organizing The third seminar in the CERN – SEENET-MTP PhD training Program between 11-17 December 2016.

      The topic of the Seminar will be Computational methods in Cosmology and General Relativity

      For more informations please visit the web page of the event here.

Lectures slides/materials:

Prof. I. Cotăescu: Dirac equation and applications under algebraic computer

Lecture 1&2   Maple worksheet example

Prof. I. Antoniadis: An introduction to supersymmetry and supergravity

Lecture 1   Exercises 1   Lecture 2   Exercises 2

Prof. N. Bilić: Hamiltonian method and its applications to braneworld cosmology

Lecture 1   Lecture 2   Lecture 3   Exercises

Prof. V. Wheeler: Introduction to mean curvature flow - theory and applications


Prof. P. Grăvilă: Offline computing at CERN


Prof. E. Ciorioanu: Dirac analysis of spin-2 fields. Pauli-Firez and Hilbert-Einstein formulations

Lecture 1   Lecture 2

Prof. D. Wheeler: Black Holes, Geometric flows and the Penrose Inequality in General Relativity


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