Research activity:

  • Research projects:

    - Project Director of a research grant type A, CNCSIS, in the period 1998 - 2001;
    - Responsible Project, 4 Program - Partnerships in priority areas (PC), of the PN2 program, in the period 2007 - 2010;
    - An international collaboration with Prof. P. C. Fannin (Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland), in the common research on the topic:
    "The investigation, measurement analysis and applications of nano-microparticle systems", (2003-present);
    - Member in research group for 5 research projects (1. type A, CNCSU 1994-1997; 2. (CEEX) 2006-2008-MATNANTECH;
    3. (CEEX) type P-CD 2005-2008; 4. Partnerships in priority areas (PC), of the PN2, 2008-2011; 5. Partnerships in priority areas (PC), of the PN2, 2008-2011)
  • The most significant results of the research is about:

    - Materials and electronic devices behaviour in high frequency field;
    - The development of an original method of measuring the components of complex magnetic susceptibility of the ferrofluids in radiofrequency field;
    - Magnetic and dielectric relaxation processes in ferrites and magnetic fluids;
    - Researches concerning the deviation from the superparamagnetic behaviour of fine-particle systems;
    - The study of the dielectric relaxation processes of ferrofluids in low-frequency fields;
    - Researches concerning the behaviour of systems with dispersed magnetic particles in liquids and solid matrices, in radiofrequency fields.
    The evaluation of the effective anisotropy constant of the nanoparticles dispersed;
    - Study of ferromagnetic resonance in magnetic fluids;
    - The investigation of the microscopic and macroscopic properties of magnetic fluids using the ferromagnetic resonance measurements;
    - The study of the microwave specific loss power of magnetic fluids subjected to a static magnetic field;
    - The propagation of the microwave electromagnetic field in magnetic fluids.
  • The initiator of a new directions of research at the department:

    - with thematic: The study of the nano-microparticles systems behavior in high frequency fields.