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Dr. Marius Paulescu


Associate Professor

Habilitation in Physics


Curriculum Vitae



Fax: +40-256-592383


Room F114

Laboratory: F111






Fields of interest





Modeling Solar Radiation at the Earth Surface

Physics of Solar Cells

Quantum Electronics






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Recent papers





[1] Structured, physically inspired (gray box) models versus black box modeling for forecasting the output power of photovoltaic

Paulescu M, Brabec M, Boata R, Badescu V

Energy 121, 792-802 (2017)


[2] Statistical properties of clear and dark duration lengths

Brabec M, Paulescu M, Badescu V

Solar Energy 153, 508518 (2017)


[3] Angstrom - Prescott equation: Physical basis, empirical models and sensitivity analysis

Paulescu M, Stefu N, Calinoiu D, Paulescu E, Pop N, Boata R, Mares O

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 62, 495-506 (2016)


[3] A theoretical framework for Angstrom equation. Its virtues and liabilities in solar energy estimation

Stefu N, Paulescu M, Blaga R, Calinoiu D, Pop N, Boata R, Paulescu E

Energy Conversion and Management 112, 236-245 (2016)









Weather Modeling and Forecasting of PV System Operation

M. Paulescu, E. Paulescu, P. Gravila, V. Badescu

Springer, London, 2013.


In 2015 the book was awarded by the ROMANIAN ACADEMY with the Prize Anghel Saligny




Solar Platform


Solar Platform














Metode numerice si simulare in fizica

Metode computationale in mecanica cuantica


Clusters and impurities in complex systems

Resurse energetice in sistemul solar











Tudor Vladimirescu, Arad, 2011, my daughter



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