Here are some verified C codes developed by us in different application. It can be downloaded and use unrestricted for scientific applications.


1. ProgFuzzy is a C code that calculates the global solar irradiation using air temperature data via fuzzy procedures [1]. More



2. EffectiveIrrad is an exe file that calculates the biologically effective solar irradiance using a new parameter model. Generalized plant response [2] action spectrum, plant growth response [3] and Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) are implemented. More



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[1] E. Tulcan-Paulescu, M. Paulescu (2008) Fuzzy modeling of solar irradiation using air temperature data, Theor Appl Climatol 91, 181-192.

[2] Caldwell, M. M. (1971) Solar Ultraviolet Radiation and the Growth and Development of Higher Plants. In Photophysiology (Edited by A. C. Giese) pp. 131-177, Academic Press, New York.

[3] Flint, S.D. and M.M. Caldwell (2003) A biological spectral weighting function for ozone depletion research with higher plants. Physiol. Plantarum 117, 137-144.